Dansil Consulting has a wide portfolio of sellers of a wide range of products. In this moment of pandemia, we have chossen for you the  best manufacturers of two categories specially needed to be safe against COVID 19: Hydro-alcoholic gel and Face Masks

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Hydro-alcoholic Gel

Keep cleaned and desinfected is crucial if we cant to be safe against the COVID-19.

Therefore we offer put you in contact with the best suppliers of the market. We you can find different sizes and formats, from 50ml, 100ml, 500ml and 5 L in relation to your needs.



Face Mask

The use of face masks in this pandemic is a must as it is one of the ways to prevent the infection of the coronavirus.

We have in our portfolio suppliers that manufacture face masks FFP2, FFP3 as well as 3 layer masks.

All with its CE certified and notified number.

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