Our Food Portfolio

Dansil Consulting looks all around the world the best producers of food, to offer the best product at the best rates to the most demanded customers.

We represent different companies from three food categories:

Vegetable oil: sunflower and olive oil;  seafood: shrimps and prawns and meat: beaf,  pork and chicken

Botellas del aceite de oliva

Vegetable Oil

We bring for the most demanding clients, the best Sunflower oil from Ukraine, the most high quality Olive oil from Spain, as well as Grape oil also from Spain.

You can choose between sunflower crude oil or refined oil, or select the most tasty extra virgin, virgin and refined olive oil.

We can also offer you soybeans NON-GMO from Brazil. 

Camarones en el hielo

Sea Food

Knowing where are the most demanded Shrimps and Prawns, we offer you all varieties of frozen Shrimps from Ecuador and red Prawns from Argentina.

You can find IQF AND BQF frozen styles as well as different sizes to choose.

As well you can find frozen ribbon fish, squids and octopus from Marocco. 


Carnicero Carne colgantes


You can find a wide range of  high quality frozen meat: beef, pork and chicken, from selected farms from Brazil, Argentina and Spain. 

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